Your happy Coho Cabin proprietors are Erika and Loren, who have long dreamed of a sweet little Rainier getaway after spending many years in the area hiking the trails, camping in the backcountry and watching the wildflowers.

Erika works as an American Sign Language Interpreter and loves to talk with her hands. When she's not busy sewing toys for little children, she can be found hiding inside her veggie garden or brushing up on her Spanish skills while daydreaming of far away travels to sunny places. She migrated to the northwest out of a desire to be surrounded by the beautiful topography and thoughtful creative culture.

Loren has spent the last 10 years working as an Environmental Specialist managing water quality and pollution prevention at industrial sites. Like any self-respecting native Pacific North Westerner, he enjoys craft beer and doesn't need an umbrella for the rain. His best days involve hiking to a remote alpine lake with Erika and noshing on smoked salmon while reading a good book. He was born and raised in western Washington and feels that 'home' is wherever you can see The Mountain.

Spending time at Coho Cabin makes us feel happy, rejuvenated, and thankful. It's absolutely the best space for feeling connected to those we love. Plus, we get to frolic in the woods and what's more fun than that?


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